St. Landry Parish Government signs Intergovernmental Agreement with local sewer and drainage districts

An intergovernmental agreement was signed by St. Landry Parish Government, St. Landry Parish Sewer District No. 1, and Ward One South Gravity Drainage District No. 1 that produced the funding for the maintenance of drainage laterals and sewer collection systems. The project, spearheaded by Morgan Godeau and Associates, broke ground at the beginning of October and was completed in early November.

St. Landry Parish Government utilized $250,000 in American Rescue Act funding and $25,000 in Road District 1 (11A) funding. St. Landry Sewer District No. 1 provided $60,000, and Ward One Gravity South Drainage District No. 1 produced $189,668.91. 

The project consisted of removing vegetation in the sewer systems on Dr Charlie Drive, relocating gravity sewer mains, replacing catch basins, installing rip-rap rocks on both ends of the water management system, replacing asphalt on the roadway and hydro-mulching the project limits.