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Opelousas, LA June 13, 2024 – The City of Opelousas is proud to announce the release of its Long-Range
Transportation Plan (LRTP), a comprehensive blueprint designed to enhance and modernize the city’s
transportation infrastructure. Sponsored by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development
(LADOTD), this plan addresses the current state of our transportation corridors and outlines future needs
and potential solutions to ensure continued growth and connectivity.
Major transportation corridors are vital to Opelousas, providing essential connectivity, traffic management,
and support for the local economy. These routes are critical for emergency services and play a significant
role in connecting our communities. Recognizing their importance, the LRTP offers a detailed summary of
our transportation infrastructure’s present condition and a forward-looking strategy to address upcoming
challenges and opportunities.
The development of the LRTP was spearheaded by a dedicated planning team comprising 12 community and
business leaders from within Opelousas. To ensure broad public participation, the planning process included
extensive outreach through online and paper surveys, inviting residents to share their input on various
transportation topics. This feedback was instrumental in shaping the final plan.
Looking ahead, the City of Opelousas anticipates a dynamic mix of residential and commercial growth. In
response to this expected development, the LRTP identifies 69 transportation improvement projects,
focusing on safety enhancements, congestion reduction, improved bike and pedestrian facilities, and general
maintenance needs.
In addition to specific projects, the plan outlines strategies for ongoing maintenance and rehabilitation,
including system management techniques such as signal retiming/synchronization and access management.
These strategies are designed to optimize the efficiency and safety of our transportation network.
The City of Opelousas invites residents to review the Long-Range Transportation Plan, available online at
( and at the Opelousas Public Library. Community input is vital to the
success of this plan, and residents are encouraged to share their feedback by submission at
***For further information and updates, please visit the city’s official website at or
Facebook @HistoricOpelousas or call 337-948-2520.