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BOBBY ARDOIN Editor/Consulting Writer

Food and personal hygiene items intended for the disadvantaged city population are now available at a second location in Opelousas.

Youth Council members representing the St. Landry Chamber of Commerce have recently stocked a newly constructed hospitality pantry on Evergreen Street similar to one already located at the City Court building on the corner of Grolee and South Main streets.

Community volunteer Yvonne Normand said on Tuesday that the Evergreen Street pantry located on public property behind the Park Vista shopping center is focused on providing donated items without charge for the homeless and people in need.

“The Youth Council is collecting items such as food, deodorant, soap, toothpaste and other things that can be used to help provide for a person’s everyday needs,” Normand said.

Normand said the Evergreen pantry is situated in an area adjacent to public housing. Normand gave credit to Latoya Thomas, director of the Opelousas Housing Authority, for allowing the Council to establish the pantry on a section of land set aside by the city.

The pantry effort is part of a Youth Council that focuses on providing help inside the community,

“The members of the Council have discussed the idea that you want to take care of the people who are your family and that also means taking care of the people in Opelousas that you call your home,” Normand said.

“As the free items are removed from either of the two pantries, they will be replaced with similar items. What we are trying to do is create a community effort to help those who are homeless or in need. As items are taken, we replace them,” said Normand.

Clothing items available at the pantries are seasonal, Normand mentioned.

Donations from individuals can be made by locating them at either pantry, Normand added.

Chairperson for The Council is Grace Lafleur. The assistant chairman is Daniel Chautin, said Normand. 


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